Having been fond of Jeep since a young age, by the end of 2020, when Jeep Vietnam Automobiles (JVA) was appointed as the official importer, distributor and warranty of the American Jeep brand in Vietnam, Mr. Ly Nhat Hieu - The owner of the restaurant chain Hang Duong in Ho Chi Minh City immediately bought one. According to Mr. Hieu, for people playing offroad, the attractiveness of this military-shaped vehicle will eat off the Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Ranger or Ford Everest. Born in Dong Thap and established in Ho Chi Minh City, Hieu always wished one day to own a Jeep - a symbol of the US military, to feel like he was a soldier. battle. The blue cars with high antennas with the eagle logo and hammer must not only come into Hieu's dream but also to many people. “Whatever the new car, the jeep that is decades old is still going well. Offroad people love Jeeps like this ", Mr. Hieu confided.

But before, Jeeps have been imported through private dealers, so the price is quite high. By the end of 2020, Jeep has a representative in Vietnam, so the price can be reduced by more than 1 billion, to about 3.5 billion. The warranty also gives users peace of mind, although Jeep is considered to be difficult to damage petty. Mr. Hieu chose the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (the most powerful among the three Jeep terrain lines, equal to the Jeep Gladiator pickup) for his off-road enthusiasts and also for his work.

Before, when he could not buy a Jeep, Mr. Hieu used the 2016 Ford Ranger "monster" to serve his work. At that time, Mr. Hieu often transported goods from Saigon to the farm in Madagui town (Da Huoai district, Lam Dong province). In addition to his free time, he drives up a mountain pass through the forest to explore and relax. Should the Ford Ranger still meet these needs, if there is no incident that makes him "sweat".

During one trip through the woods, when it was time to return, the Ranger crashed into a rocky beach. Because of the wet weather, the rocks were covered with moss, so it was slippery, the wheels crawled forward and turned around and couldn't pass. Three or four people struggled for an hour, not restoring the lining, pulling back and jerking but still not overcoming obstacles. Suddenly the car stalled, yanked, and then rushed forward. Mr. Hieu's group of people breathed a sigh of relief. "Recalling that I was still excited and afraid, in the forest when it was dark, when the car was stuck, I do not know what to do", Mr. Hieu said.

After that incident, Mr. Hieu intentionally found a better off-road vehicle than the Ranger. By the end of 2020, he immediately bought a Jeep to safely climb the pass and climb the slope.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon has a capacity of 270 horsepower, significantly stronger than the 210 horsepower Ranger or 213 horsepower Ford Everest. Although the engine is only 2.0L (Ranger is 3.2L), the Rubicon is equipped with a Bi Turbo turbocharger (dual turbocharger) so significantly stronger.

Another advantage that makes the Rubicon in particular or the Wrangler all-terrain Jeep in general is the differential lock. Compared with many off-road lines with two differential locks, the Rubicon has three sets of differential locks (front, rear and center). The differential system helps the wheels rotate at different speeds, making the car grip the road better and more effective when having to climb passes, cross slippery terrain or accidentally fall into muddy areas.

Mr. Hieu said, with the winch equipped with additional equipment, if the car falls into a slippery rock or falls into a mud hole, only one person can pass. This is what all offroad people want. When facing jagged rocky roads, drivers can take advantage of the pre-equipped sway-bar to pass. According to Mr. Hieu, when opening the sway-bar, the connection between the two wheels on the same bridge was disassembled, one wheel crawled over the rock, and the other still remained balanced without tilting the vehicle. “As it crossed the rocks, the Rubicon moved like flowing water, slowly crawling over the obstacle. Although the side is high on the low side, the car is still balanced. This function is very convenient for offroad people like me ", Mr. Hieu confided.

As a model used in World War II, Jeep has maintained its design and design to this day. For "non-believers", the square body looks quite boring, the equipment is not much, but according to Mr. Hieu, the car has a simple design that makes it easy for offroad players to handle while in the woods or in the mountains. Start and open the door manually, the seat position must also be adjusted manually, the technology is not much. The vehicle is only equipped with some basic functions for off-roading such as reverse camera, downhill system, support for cross-slope departure ... Speed ​​warning system or automatic cruise control hardly Yes, or rather not.

But that simple is suitable for Jeep players. A Jeep's feature is a convertible, while all vehicles returning to Vietnam have a convertible. To keep the old Jeep style, Mr. Hieu removed the hood and attached it to the canvas cover system. The front and rear hoods have latches so the driver can open or attach themselves. Mr. Hieu also attached a shelf to the trunk, along with the front winch system, the Rubicon has truly become the second home of the offroad.